viernes, 29 de agosto de 2014

MTG M13 Booster Battle Packs Deck Lists

I have been searching for a list of the contents of de M13 Battle booster packs without luck.

I found the M14 Battle packs on init-games but no M13.

So here it is, searching some unboxing videos on youtube  looks like there is only 5 different 20 card decks for the packs (WR, GU, WU, BR and BG).

Attended Knight Welkin Tern Aven Squire Bloodthrone Vampire Centaur Courser
War Falcon Archeromancer Guardiasn of Akrasa Essence Drain Vastwood Gorger
Angel's Mercy Hydrosurge Divine Favor Disentomb Bond Beetle
Glorius Charge Merfolk of the Pearl Trident Warclamp Mastiff   Walking Corpse Fog
Crusader of Odric Talrand's Invocation Serra Angel Rise from the Grave Garruk's Packleader
Bladetusk Boar Deadly Recluse Scroll Thief Searing Spear Servant of Nefarox
Trumpet Blast Rangers Path Vedalken Entrancer Canyon Minotaur Crippling Blight
Volcanic Strength Spiked Baloth Downpour Wall of Fire Dark Favor
Krenko's Command Bountiful Harvenst Unsummon Kindled Furzy Tormented Soul
Arms Dealer Duskdale Wurm Jace's Phantasm Furnance Whelp Duskmantle Prowler

These are combined to create the 2 decks pack, so far I had only see these combinations:


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miércoles, 8 de enero de 2014

Como crear un punto de acceso desde tu portatil

Encontré esta forma de compartir una red cableada en una wifi para poder navegar desde tu celular.

En caso de que no este en linea aquí esta en pdf